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Ancient roads, alpine trails and the roof of Japan

Pilgrimages, treks & summits
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Discovering Japan with the eyes of a pilgrim, the boots of a mountaineer to end up standing on its highest peak and bath in the rising sun, is an experience without equal.
 Connect with the passion and spirituality behind the many forms of walking, without missing on Kyoto the fomer imperial capital, Matsumoto the quaint castle town of central Japan and Tokyo’s mind shattering megalopolis.


Duration : 18~23 days
Recommended season : mid-June to mid-October
Ideal for : first-time travelers,
hikers, lovers of the outdoors, immersion into Japanese culture
Fitness level : can walk for 5 hours per day (with breaks), 3 days in a row


Kyoto's Majesty
Temple stay in Koyasan
The Kumano Kodo pilgrimage
Trek traverse of the Japanese Alps
The Mount Fuji ascent
Tokyo grandeur day and night
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  • A 4 day pilgrimage along the Kumano Kodo ancient road, including a temple stay in the holy city of Koyasa
  • Two iconic treks in Japan: the Mt Fuji ascent and the Northern Alps traverse through Yarigatake the « Matterhorn » of Japan
  • A large comfortable variety of accommodations styles for a rich cultural immersion: lofty onsen ryokans, traditional Minshuku and mountains huts, boutique and stylish hotels
  • In-depth cultural and culinary discovery facilitated by our custom guided services


Kyoto : 2-4 days

The millenial former imperial capital delivers beyond praises. Overflowing with temples, shrines, iconic cobbled streets lined by charming stores, it is still steeped in a picturesque atmosphere inviting you for a stroll along its sinuous streams, rolling hills and boundless bamboo forests.

Koyasan : 1-2 Days

A small, secluded temple town and buddhist sanctuary, Koyasan is the center of Shingon Buddhism, an important Buddhist sect introduced to Japan in 805 by Kobo Daishi, a significant religious figures in Japan.
Might it be just for a leisurely walk, a cultural dive or a spiritual retreat, Koyasan diffuses an atmosphere which raises its appreciation far beyond its UNESCO world heritage recognition.

Kumano Pilgrimage : 3-5 days

Known by some as the « land of the gods », the mountainuous region of Kumano is Japan’s spiritual heartland. Old-growth forests, majestic waterfalls and ambling rivers have been home to pilgrims as far back as 800 including emperors and aristocrats who were travelling all the way from Kyoto in search for heaven on earth.

Northern Alps Trek : 3-5 days

With numerous jagged peaks and volcanoes towering around 3000m the Japanese Alps offer a magnificient playgound unknown to the international tourist. Backed by rich network of mountain huts, natural hotsprings and efficient transportation services, short hikes and multi-day treks are the best way to dive into Japan’s natural paradise.

Mont Fuji Ascent : 2 days

More than a god, more than a mountain, Mount Fuji is an incarnation of Japan’s identity distilled by its perfect shape and mighty dominance over the whole empire.
Climbing it summit has been a spiritual and athletic endeavour for close to thousand year, requiring the cooperation of the elements.
Its surroundings, rich with lakes, sub-peaks, trails, museums and shrines, witness the reverence and admiration humans have had for the holy volcano since the 12th century.

Tokyo : 2-4 days

Boasting the title of the world’s most populous metropolis, this colossal city offers a seemingly unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment and culture.
Museums, bustling crossroads, temple and gardens are one side of the coin; green spaces, local markets, quaint neighborhoods and hidden cafe-bar the less known side we invite you to discover.


Park Hotel
Ryokan Onsen
Royal Park Hotel
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The basic package for this itinerary starts at a rate of US$300 per person per day. Some elements of this itinerary can be adjusted according to your travel preferences and a more economical package can be developed by adjusting the type of accommodation and other aspects of the trip such as:


Choose between 4 star, 5 star or boutique hotel accommodations


Decide whether you prefer to use public or private transportation, or a combination of both

Guiding, activities et experiences

Select between ongoing, occasional or remote guiding. Add or slot in the activities that inspire you the most.

Recommended Travel Period

This itinerary can be run from mid-June to mid-October, with ideal weather conditions often starting between mid-Agust and the beginning of September. Please note that there is a national holiday in mid-august during which hiking trails and mountain huts are intensely busy.

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